I respect you and I respect your money.

My early planning was to be able to continually release a version every 3 or 4 months, but it bothers me to do things anyway or for example, use articles I’ve seen in other works by other authors. That’s why I spend part of my time in the months building my own sets, it definitely brings a lot of originality to my game and makes the background or as original as possible.

Besides working with games I also work on developing websites and apps, and I work on the game in my spare time.

In order to get more money for another video card, I opted to join a website development freelancer between the months of September and November, while my girlfriend was working on scenes and I was working on blender.

I managed to complete the site, but with the sudden increase in GPU prices it was not possible to reach that goal, I ended up investing the money in more RAM memory for a second computer.

At this moment I consider that the game has its next version about 75% complete, and I don’t think it’s fair that you paid for the next month since I haven’t delivered even a value in these last 5 months.

That’s why I’m pausing next month’s billing and if I don’t deliver by the end of this month I won’t pause next month either.

Understand I’m not abandoning the game on the contrary, I’m VERY excited for the next version I’m doing everything possible to get the  best

If you choose to stop sponsoring me so no problem you will still receive the version before anyone else.

Thanks so much for your support, I’ll send you a status report on the game’s progress again. 

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