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I’m putting out a version of Walkthrough, please understand that it’s a simplified version just to give you a direction on where to go. Some things will be directly in the game in future releases.

Our Home V1.0.0 – CHAP 0 – THE PROLOGUE

  • In the corridor of the orphanage
    • Collect all the trash, you’ll have to choose between spying or finishing cleaning
    • If you choose to spy you will have to decide between doing something or just letting it go
    • If you choose to declare yourself, you will deliver a letter to Emily, this implies an increase in your relationship with Emily, and she will definitely remember this in the future.
  • Outside the orphanage while hugging Amélia
    • You can choose between ending the hug and grabbing her ass, it won’t bring you big consequences, but your relationship with her will diminish and maybe she will remember that in the future

Our Home V1.0.0 – CHAP 1- THE BEGIN

  • On Monday At 8h, go to the job interview by selecting the Aquila company on the map.
    • While talking to Matilda, you can choose between starting the conversation and looking at her breasts, it won’t do much for you, but your relationship will diminish, and she may remember that in the future.
    • Go to the 5th floor you will meet Norah, after finishing the conversation, go back to reception using the elevator by clicking on the R
    • When leaving the building you will be approached, make sure to click when the bar icon is in red.
      — The next version of the game will continue from that moment on, thanks for playing.

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  1. Tô jogando o jogo aí esse jogo fala para eu ir comprar uma casa de aluguel só que não aparece a casa para eu clica to no começo do jogo Our Home [v1.0.0]
    Nao to no final

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