Status Report #006

Hi guys, let’s go to another status report.

This week we concluded the complete scene at Norah’s house, there are about 80 renders, and we’ve already started to create the scenes that take place at the mall, where haircuts, buying new clothes for the MC, and also the first contact will happen. of the MC with 3 more characters in the plot, one of them as already reported before the SexShop receptionist, where the mc will buy some items for his adventures in the future.

I’m still involved with the development of the e-commercer that I mentioned, but my girlfriend gives a lot of help so that the development doesn’t stop, and I’ve been helping her in everything possible.

There’s still a long way to go to finish this e-commerce, but the most complex part is already finished, and after I finish this I’ll be able to afford another video card to help with the renders.

The machine I work today is good, but my girlfriend’s isn’t, so she loses a little time when creating the scenes, so the idea is to have another GPU and pass one that is on my computer to her.

After the shopping scene we will be ready to release the next version.

I will soon make available the voting poll for the MC’s clothes and hair;

Thanks for your support and I’ll be back soon.

The girl in the photo is Norah’s housemate Kim

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